Validity Academy

GridBuddy Connect Certification

We are excited to announce the launch of the GridBuddy Connect Certification program! Similar to prior Validity Certification Programs, certification for GridBuddy Connect will consist of over 200 questions across a few different exams where users have the chance to prove their expertise on the platform. Each time a user passes an exam, they will be awarded with the corresponding badge. When a user earns all the module badges, they will be awarded the GridBuddy Connect User Certified or the GridBuddy Connect Administrator Certified badges.

These questions will cover Grid features and functionality from a Grid User perspective.

These questions will cover GridBuudy Connect features and functionality from a Grid Admin perspective including GridBuddy Connect Wizard and underlying Grid design.

Module exams will be launched in a phased roll out where a new exam will be made available every 2-3 weeks during the first half of 2024.  

A few things to note: 

  • Tests may be taken in any order. 
  • Users have 5 attempts to pass each exam 
  • Passing score is 80% 
  • Exams are open note/open product (we encourage the use of our documentation when taking these exams!) 

Module Badges include:

User Fundamentals

User Intermediate

User Advanced

Admin Fundamentals

Admin Intermediate

Admin Advanced

 *The GridBuddy Connect User Certified Badge and the GridBuddy Connect Admin Certified Badge are obtained by completing all the Test Badges.