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DemandTools V Certification

The DemandTools Modify Badge encompasses topics as moving data from one field to another, adding constant values, utilizing one of many formulas designed for data cleansing and standardization, summing values in sub-objects and populating them on a parent record, and performing a count of sub-objects related to a parent record.

Preparing for the Modify Badge test

To prepare for the DemandTools Modify Badge test, we recommend reviewing the main Help Center Import article that includes links to more information and to videos by selecting the button below.

What you need to know before taking this test

  • You must be registered and logged in to take the test.
  • You will earn the corresponding badge after the successful completion of this test with a minimum score of 80%.
  • You have 105 minutes to complete this test.
  • You must answer all questions but you can skip a question by selecting a different question number from the list.
  • You have 5 attempts at successfully completing this test.


*The DemandTools User Certification is earned by obtaining all the necessary badges, the DemandTools Fundamentals badge and the badge for each of the DemandTools Modules.

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