Validity Academy

DemandTools V Certification

We are excited to announce the launch of the DemandTools V Certification program! Similar to prior Validity Certification Programs, certification for DemandTools V will consist of over 500 questions across 10 exams where users have the chance to prove their expertise on the platform. Each time a user passes an exam, they will be awarded with the corresponding badge. When a user earns all 10 module badges, they will be awarded the DemandTools V Certification.

Module exams will be launched in a phased roll out where a new exam will be made available every 2-3 weeks during the Fall of 2023.  

A few things to note: 

  • Tests may be taken in any order. 
  • Users have 5 attempts to pass each exam 
  • Passing score is 80% 
  • Exams are open note/open product (we encourage the use of our documentation when taking these exams!) 

Module Badges include:

Fundamentals Badge

Dedupe Badge

Import Badge

Modify Badge

Tune Badge

Convert Badge

Match Badge

Reassign Badge

Export Badge

Delete Badge

 *The DemandTools V Certified Badge is obtained by completing all the Module Badges.