Validity Academy

DemandTools 2.91 Certification

  All Salesforce Administrators care about data, then a select few become Validity DemandTools certified and transform to Data Quality Super Heroes. Take this robust certification program involving over 500 questions and become officially DemandTools certified. Show the world that you know not only Salesforce data quality but also the most powerful tool to work with it. The DemandTools Certified Badge is obtained by earning the Basics, Data Maintenance, Deduplication, Discovery & Automation Badges.
  •             Tests may be taken in any order.
  •             You may take each test a maximum number of 5 times.
  •             Passing score is 80%
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Badge Test Number of Questions Time Limit
          Basics         55       75 Minutes
MassImpact 55 75 Minutes
MassEffect 60 80 Minutes
PowerGrid 50 70 Minutes
Reassign Ownership 40 55 Minutes
BulkBackup 25 35 Minutes
 ReportEdit  25 35 Minutes
  Single Table Dedupe   75   105 Minutes
  Lead Conversion   50   70 Minutes

Find/Report IDs



    50 Minutes


    35     50 Minutes