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Reassign Ownership

Reassign Ownership was designed to allow users to mass transfer Salesforce records and related sub objects in a single pass. This 40 question test proves a users knowledge of the module in its entirety. Users will have 55 minutes and up to 5 attempts to achieve a passing score. Upon completion, the Reassign Ownership Certificate will be awarded. Users are encouraged to print the certificate for their records upon completion.

Users who complete MassImpact, MassEffect, PowerGrid, Reassign Ownership, BulkBackup and ReportEdit tests will be awarded the Data Maintenance Badge. The Data Maintenance Badge is a prerequisite for earning the Certified DemandTools Badge.

Preparing for the Reassign Ownership Certificate

To prepare for the Reassign Ownership test, we recommend reviewing the help documentation for this module and watching the following recorded training webinar.

Reassign Ownership

Please visit our Training Calendar if you prefer a live training rather than a pre-recorded webinar. 

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