Single Table Dedupe

The Single Table Dedupe module is the cornerstone of the DemandTools suite of tools. Capable of detecting duplicates and merging both standard and custom Salesforce objects, this module is powerful and can help users achieve lower frequency of duplicates. This 75 question test will prove a user’s knowledge of the module in its entirety. Users will have 105 minutes and up to 5 attempts to achieve a passing score. Upon successful completion of this test, the Single Table Dedupe certificate is earned. Users are encouraged to print certificates for their records when prompted to do so.

Users who complete both the Single Table Dedupe and Lead Conversion tests will be awarded the Deduplication Badge. The Deduplication Badge is a prerequisite for earning the Certified DemandTools Badge.

Preparing for the Single Table Dedupe Certificate

To prepare for the Single Table Dedupe test, we recommend reviewing the Help Center Single Table Dedupe documentation by following the link below: